Aerial YOga Classes

We have aerial yoga classes for all levels of experience. If you've never experienced Aerial Yoga, we strongly reccommend you to attend the Aerial Yoga Basics or Aerial Flow Yoga class before attending any other Aerial Yoga class, even if you are advanced in standard yoga, for your comfort and more ease in your practice, as you are learning.


Aerial Yoga Basics

Ready to fly? This 45 minute Aerial Yoga Basics class allows beginners a chance to learn the fundamental elements of aerial yoga: about the equipment, how to safely move about in the hammock, basic transitions and poses, as well as an aerial savasana experience to finish the class. Even if you are an experienced yogi, we strongly recommend taking this class first if you have not yet tried aerial yoga.
Recommended For: New to aerial yoga


This hybrid class blends together the familiarity of yoga on the mat with aerial. Using the silk hammock as a prop, students will have access to their own “personal assistant” offering deeper stretching in your warriors, support in your backbends and added balance in standing poses like half-moon or dancer. This class is ideal for vinyasa students who are looking to deepen their mat practice through exploration of familiar poses with the aid of a fun prop as well as for students who want to begin to become more comfortable in the aerial silk.
This class is paced slower to allow deep stretching and strength building, while emphasizing breath connection to the pose. An opportunity to advance your inversion practice using the silk as a prop will also be offered for those who are interested. Class ends in a blissful savasana, cocooned in a hammock.

Recommended For: All levels, no previous Aerial experience required but students should feel comfortable in a regular vinyasa flow class

Aerial Yoga LEVEL I: Beginners

Once you have taken at least one Aerial Basics class, and feel comfortable in an aerial silk, you are ready to try Aerial Yoga Level I (formally called Stretch & Strengthen). This class is for beginners to aerial, or a relaxing way for advanced practitioners to stretch out and relax at a slower pace than advanced classes.

In this class, you will practice all the main poses and beginner transitions for Aerial, which will especially build your upper body and core strength, and prepare you for intermediate and advanced Aerial classes. As always, we will finish with a restful and restorative savasana.
Recommended For: Aerial Beginners

Aerial Yoga LEVEL I/II: All Levels

In Aerial Yoga All Levels classes, both newer students and experienced aerial students can challenge their limits both physically and mentally as we move and flow through poses as a quicker pace than Level I. As newer students build their practice, modifications and step-by-step towards more advanced poses will be offered. In this class, you will practice all the main poses, beginner and intermediate transitions for Aerial, as well as intermediate level poses. As always, we will finish with a restful and restorative savasana. 

If you've never experienced Aerial Yoga, we strongly reccommend you to attend at least Level I classes or talk with an aerial instructor before attending Level I/II, for your comfort and more ease in your practice, as you are learning.
Recommended For: All levels from beginner (ready for more challenge) to intermediate/advanced students

Restorative Aerial Yoga: release, rekindle, refresh

This is our gentle and therapeutic version of anti-gravity yoga. The extra support of a silk hammock allow the body to completely soften, surrender and invert effortlessly. Like classical restorative yoga, this class balances the elements of a slow-paced asana flow, pranayam, and powerful guided visualization enhancing awareness of the internal sensations present in the body. However, a levitated yoga practice reaches muscle groups that cannot be accessed on the mat, providing a deeper dimension into organic exploration in each pose and enhances stretches and twists. Practicing while levitated also calms the nervous system, and boosts the immune system.

Students will enjoy a tranquil candle-lit, mantra-infused practice, grounding their energy while off of the ground. You'll explore how to remain in a meditative mindset while in motion. Students will finish their practice with a magical savasana experience, floating peacefully inside of a silk cocoon.
Recommened For: All levels, but we recommended taking Aerial Basics prior to this class.