Elements3 is conveniently located off of Route 9 W at the Edgell Rd exit. You'll find our two studios on the 2nd floor of the 1 Edgell Road plaza. Please enter in the lobby located to the right of the nail salon to access the main staircase and elevator. The studio shares restrooms with the other businesses on the floor.

Much thought was put into the studio space as they were built with sustainable construction using all natural materials like local and responsibly harvested lumber, non-voc paints, and american clay accents that emit negative ions creating the ideal atmosphere for revitalizing your health and well-being.

The floors of our studio are lined with Japanese-influenced synthetic tatami mats. This type of flooring has a slight cushioning effect and is great to practice yoga on, providing a natural softness that eases the strain endured by the legs and knees. Unlike hardwood, tatami flooring has a little more "give" to it and students report being more comfortable when practicing postures.

Each of our yoga studios accommodates up to 20 students, but some classes are capped at 15. Both are equipped with extra yoga mats and a variety of yoga props including blocks, belts & bolsters.

Studio 1

Our first studio room is across the hall from Acupuncture Connections. The studio's main reception area and retail space is inside. Studio 1 is also equipped with 11 aerial silks; all Aerial classes take place is this studio. Please refer to the schedule to see which other classes are held in Studio 1. For student convenience we have a shoe racks outside to keep the studio clean, and plenty of hooks and storage inside to keep personal items secure during class.

Studio 2

Our second studio is to the immediate left after coming up the main lobby stairwell. For student convenience we have shoe racks outside to keep the studio clean, and plenty of hooks and storage inside to keep personal items secure during class.

Studio Etiquette

  • To maintain cleanliness inside the studio, please remove shoes and leave in the racks outside the studio.
  • Please turn off your cell phone and all other e-devices to respect the relaxing atmosphere of the studio and your peers. If you absolutely must be accessible during your practice, please place your phone in spiritual mode (aka silent/no vibrations).
  • If late, please enter quietly. Late-comers will only be admitted within ten minutes of class start times.
  • If another session is happening before class, please keep your voices low to respect the experience of the students inside the room.
  • Mats are available to use if you don't have one or forget your own. If you borrow one of our mats please wipe it down with cleaner provided at the conclusion of class.