Frequently Asked Questions


+ It's my first time at the studio, do you have any specials offers?

Yes! If you are a new client, you are eligible for our New Student Specials. You can read more about our offer here.

+ Who is considered a new student?

A new student/client is someone who has not taken a class at Elements3 Yoga before. Once you've attended a class, either as a drop-in, Groupon, ClassPass, etc you are no longer considered "new", even if you create a new account under a different email address. Any New Student promotional prices are only eligible to you on or before your first visit.

+ What if I am not sure if I'm ready to commit to an intro offer?

Intro Offers must be purchased on or before your first class. However, if you did purchase a drop-in for your first visit, you can upgrade to one of our Intro Offers BEFORE you leave the studio. Please inform the instructor at your first visit, after class you'd like to continue with one of our Intro Offers. You must pay the difference of the drop-in and Intro Offer. Intro offer begins same day.

+ My intro offered expired before I got to use all my passes; can I get an extension?

Unfortunately, no. Our "Any 5 Classes for $50" offer expires 5 weeks after your first visit. With over 30 classes offered weekly, most students have plenty of opportunity to use all 5 passes in the 5 week window. However, even if you've only been able to attend 3 or 4 classes you've saved on the cost of our drop-in.

+ I'm new to yoga. Where do I start?

We have many new students walking through our doors to try yoga. If you are brand new to yoga we suggest a slower-paced class, such as Slow Flow, Taoist, Yin Yoga, Embodied Mindful Yoga or Restorative Yoga. We also offer Private One-on-One Initial Assessments for new students, if you'd prefer more individualized attention.

+ Can beginners try other classes?

Of course! Our instructors are well trained and can offer lots of options and modifications to you can attend any of our classes. Let the instructor know before class that you are a beginner and share any concerns you may have.

If you are trying aerial yoga, we do not recommend trying the All-Levels class until you've attended a few other classes first.

+ What is the fitness level required for aerial yoga?

Aerial yoga will develop your upper body and core, especially. It can take time to develop muscles needed for advanced aerial yoga practice. We recommend attending an Intro to Aerial class and/or an Aerial Yoga Stretch & Strengthen class to start off. For Aerial All Levels, instructor permission is required.

+ Do you have hot yoga?

No, but we do keep the studios warm, at about 75 degrees.

+ I enjoy the physical challenge of hot yoga, will I still get benefits from non-heated yoga?

Yes! While hot yoga has some therapeutic benefits, non-heated vinyasa Flow classes can offer you a physical workout if you are up for the challenge. Yoga in a non-heated space offers students more agency over how much they want to "feel the internal burn".

+ Do you rent mats?

We have plenty of extra yoga mats for you to use at no charge. We just ask you wipe your yoga mat down at the end of class.


+ How do I check if I've successfully booked a class?

Sign into your account (link at top of the page) and click schedule to view your class reservations. Alternatively, download the MINDBODY app to your smart phone and set Elements3 Yoga as your favorite. You can easily access our schedule right from your phone.

+ I purchased a pricing option but can't see it on my account. When I book it asks me to pay.

Sometimes, when a student creates an account in the MINDBODY app after they visit the studio, a duplicate account is created. Don't worry! If you made a purchase, we will have a record. First, if you are in the MINDBODY app, make sure the account is synced by following these instructions. If you still don't see your passes please contact and we help.

+ How to I cancel a class reservation?

Sign into your account and click schedule to view your class reservations. Select "cancel."

+I can't log into my account...

Please email and let us know, we'll be happy to help.

+ I need to suspend/put a hold on my Membership...

Please email and let us know, we'll be happy to help.

+ I see an error message when logging in or booking a class...

First, check your browser's security settings to make sure "cookies" are enabled for this site. If that doesn't work, try one of these other link; for your Mindbody Account with Elements3 here; for the online scheduler use this link here


We are no longer running Groupon promotions. If you have an unclaimed Groupon to the studio we can give you credit, equal to the purchase price of the coupon, to use towards another purchase.

+ How do I activate my Groupon?

Please click here for more instructions.

+ Can I register for 75 minute classes, or only 60 minute classes?

You may use this Groupon for any yoga class, excluding Aerial Yoga, regardless of class length.

+ Am I eligible for other Intro Offers?

No. Your Groupon purchase is considered your first purchase. You cannot purchase an Intro Offer in addition to your Groupon, but you can apply the value of your Groupon, before redeeming, towards an in studio Intro Offer to use INSTEAD of your Groupon passes.

+ When does my Groupon expire?

Check your Groupon voucher for expiration. If you have submitted the form above, your Groupon will be activated within 24 hours. These classes must be used within 30 days from activation unless specified differently in the fine print.

+ My friend and I BOTH purchased a Groupon. How can we register?

Each registrant must have a separate account. Example: if you and a friend have purchased Groupons, you BOTH need accounts.

+ I didn't use all of my classes within the 30-day period, can you extend my expiration date?

Unfortunately, no. To be fair to all students, we need to keep this policy.

+ I've used a Groupon previously, can I use another Groupon?

Unfortunately, no. Groupons are limited to one per customer and must be purchased on or before your first class at the studio.