Intuitive Life Coaching


Here at Elements3 Yoga, we have an excellent in-house Life Coach.  Her gift as a coach has helped many change their lives into more fulfilling, happy, and awesome ones!

Bridget is a skillful guide who meets clients where they are at and takes them places they often never thought they'd go. 

Coaching is a powerfully dynamic and supportive exploratory process that helps clients focus and fuel motivation to realize stated visions and goals. Coaches offer support and provide accountability by working with tools and techniques aimed primarily at increasing personal awareness to create forward movement. Together, coach and client establish goals, follow-through structures and strategies that make possible the meaningful, lasting change clients seek.

A Certified Coach with her own coaching business since 2012, Bridget is a masterful guide whose key focus is empowering clients to dare to change. She meets clients in person at Elements3 Yoga Studio in Framingham, or by phone world-wide. If you want to know more about Coaching in general, and about Coaching with Bridget in particular, click here to read her Coaching FAQ.

Bridget meets you right where you are in your life, supports and inspires, and helps you see your possibilities - and take action

If you'd like to see what Life Coaching can offer you and find out for yourself if it's a good fit, please take advantage of the coaching introductory offer below:


Single 1 Hour Intuitive Coaching Session: $120
Intuitive Coaching 5 Pack: $525
Intuitive Coaching 10 Pack: $1000