Boutique studio in a health and wellness oasis


Elements3 Yoga was founded by Needham native, Andrew Tanner in 2014. Prior to opening the studio, Andrew had spent the past twelve years study and teaching various styles of yoga in New York City and working at Kripalu.

When he moved back to the Boston area to be close to his family in 2013 he met Robert Yauckoes of Acupuncture Connections in Framingham. Fascinated by how the theories of Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine complimented the practice of yoga, Andrew saw the opportunity to be part of transforming and serving the Framingham Center community.


With like-minded businesses, an enthusiastic landlord, a farmer's market and university nearby, this growing health and wellness oasis in Framingham was the perfect place to launch a yoga studio that could service as an educational center for healthy living. 

Nearly three years after launch, the studio has close to 30 weekly classes, has hosted some of the industry's thought leaders including Mark Whitwell, Sarah Joy Marsh and Larissa Carlson Hall, has several regularly reoccurring monthly workshops, and has the premiere Aerial yoga in the area. Come Fall of 2017, Elements3 will introduce its first round of Yoga Teacher graduates.

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Our values

We celebrate diversity by honouring each member of our community regardless of race, gender, ethnicity, religion affiliation, financial status, age, sexual orientation, political belief, or physical limitation.

We treat all students with respect.

We create a safe space for our students.

We teach in a way that supports the health, development and well-being of each student.

We support our fellow teachers and work to sustain the core values of our community as it evolves and expands.

We refrain from acting in any way that might cause harm to ourselves or others.

We strive to teach with integrity and to the best of our abilities; we maintain a healthy, focused, intelligent practice in order to teach deeply and clearly from personal experience.

We honestly acknowledge the limitations of our own knowledge and skills as teachers. We ask for help when we need it; when necessary we encourage our students to seek alternative treatments and/or professional advice.

We live and teach in a way that is harmonious with the principles of yoga.

If you have an experience that does not live up to these values, please contact us immediately.

Our In-Studio Staff