Elements3 Yoga is owned and operated by Framingham residents Erica Tharp & Lauren Turner who purchased the studio from founder Andrew Tanner in 2018.

It was Tanner’s vision to create  a space where people would feel a sense of peace that would transport them; a place where the art and science of yoga would be taught, an where people would feel like they found a “second home.” Teachers were chosen as educators and not just “work-out” machines. In 2014 he opened the doors to Elements3 Yoga.

The studio has  long held a special place in the now-owners’ hearts; especially, the community.  It’s in this space, they grew their practice, refined their teaching, and poured their  hearts into managing the studio in order to hold space for the students.



As a second home to Erica & Lauren, they look to continue to provide a safe and open space for people to fall in love with the practice of yoga, just as they have.

Nearly four  years after opening, the studio has close to 30 weekly classes, has hosted some of the industry's thought leaders including Mark Whitwell, Sarah Joy Marsh, Larissa Carlson Hall & Jacqui Bonwell, has several regularly reoccurring monthly workshops, an amazing yoga teacher training program, and has the premiere Aerial yoga in the area.



Our In-Studio Staff