Bridget Keller


Providing support for body, mind and spirit, Bridget Keller is a Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT-200), Certified Life Coach (CPC), and Level II Reiki practitioner, who also offers workshops in Effective, Compassionate Communication. She is deeply fulfilled by the work she does supporting students and clients to expand their lives, dare new things, and grow healthier, happier, more connected and increasingly fulfilled.


Curiosity – and a little voice inside that said “yoga is right for you” – prompted Bridget to give yoga a try in 1999. Of that first time, Bridget recalls: "I can still vividly bring to mind the moment, during savasana, when my overly active, intellectual mind went still, fell silent. I'll never forget the sense of relief and connection that stillness afforded me." Since then, the practice of yoga has continued to provide her with opportunities for self-discovery and self-connection that have improved the quality of her life in ways she could not have imagined possible.

Keenly aware of just how much we meet ourselves in the practice of yoga, as a teacher, Bridget loves being able to hold space for, and facilitate, the possibility of expansive experiences for others. She enjoys supporting students in the practice of taking time; of slowing down, finding the possibility of renewal in intentional breathing, and practicing self care through self-connection. Because her first yoga teacher was trained in Iyengar, alignment is in her bones and matters a great deal to her — as a student and a teacher. In her classes, students can expect opportunities to go inside and connect to both familiar and novel places in their resource landscape, including the ultimate resource of breath.

Learning to breathe through the moments where we want to give up or give in supports us in developing the trust we need to build stamina; and becoming aware of openings that occur as we grow our practice — these are the kind of experiences Bridget loves to foster, because they reveal repositories of inner knowing, and fuel transformative experiences, both on and off the mat. She remind students to connect what’s going on inside to what’s going on outside, so that they can learn to take the experiences and lessons of yoga off the mat and into the rest of their lives.

Because the practice of yoga has been instrumental in helping her heal many of the unhealthy ways she had been relating to her body and her mind, at 51, Bridget decided to become a yoga teacher: "During our training, my changing body didn’t always want to risk some of the challenging poses my fellow classmates reliably performed with their much younger bodies. And while I loved watching them constantly dare the limits of their practice, I knew that the really daring thing for me had been to show up there in the first place: grey-haired in a room full of 20- and 30-somethings, learning to teach a body-based discipline. The practice of yoga has made me strong, in mind, body and spirit, and helped me to cherish my changing body, which is, after all the repository of all my many and varied life experiences and the wisdom they have afforded me. For me, yoga isn’t about getting my foot behind my head. It’s about unity; connecting what belongs together: union of mind, body and spirit; union of self to others — and union of self to self. The practice of yoga fosters self-acceptance and self understanding, at the same time it presupposes and supports ongoing growth. As long as we live, we can grow; as long as we live and breathe, daring is an option available to us. Yoga has helped me dare greatly in my life, and I love sharing some of that daring with students through my teaching."


Bridget is a skillful guide who meets clients where they're at and takes them places they often never thought they'd go. Coaching is a powerfully dynamic and supportive exploratory process that helps clients focus and fuel motivation to realize stated visions and goals. Coaches offer support and provide accountability by working with tools and techniques aimed primarily at increasing personal awareness to create forward movement. Together, coach and client establish goals, follow-through structures and strategies that make possible the meaningful, lasting change clients seek.

A Certified Coach with her own coaching business since 2012, Bridget is a masterful guide whose key focus is empowering clients to dare to change. She meets clients in person at Elements3 Yoga Studio in Framingham, or by phone world-wide. If you want to know more about Coaching in general, and about Coaching with Bridget in particular, click here to read her Coaching FAQ.

Effective, Compassionate Communication

Effective, Compassionate Communication, based on the practice of Nonviolent Communication (NVC) as developed by Marshall Rosenberg. NVC in action relies on two vital questions: What is alive in us? and How can we make life more wonderful? An empathy-based model for communication and conflict resolution, NVC asserts that humans share universal needs, and when we know what others are needing, we naturally want to a) support them in meeting their needs, and b) receive support from others in meeting our needs. When we are able to communicate compassionately and effectively, we increase the potential to craft mutually beneficial strategies for meeting needs. This not only reduces pain and suffering, but also deepens the quality of connection between individuals.

A student and practitioner of NVC since 2004, Bridget teaches full-body, experiential workshops in the fundamentals of Effective, Compassionate Communication at yoga studios in greater Boston.  


Reiki is a subtle yet powerful energy healing modality performed by practitioners who have been specially attuned by Reiki Masters. In a Reiki session, the receiver of reiki (client) lays fully clothed on a massage table, while the reiki practitioner places her hands over or slightly above the body. Reiki promotes healing by activating the relaxation response and helping the body to balance itself from a very deep level.

Bridget received her Level II Reiki attunement in 2012.