Laura Mayhew


This is my story... Many years ago I embarked on a journey of healing and evolving, trying to raise my vibrations. Back then I didn't understand what I was instinctively trying to do. Growing up in a small town in Connecticut, in a dysfunctional and abusive home, I was like many other wounded healers. I desired a better life. I would often day dream about running away to find the perfect family. The first time I actually ran away, I was 4 years old. I made it many miles from my babysitter's house to a friend's back door. My friend wasn't home, so I curled up on the back porch and fell asleep. That was the first attempt of many tries to escape from my life.

Many kids would ask each other, "if you could have any super power what would it be?" I always thought to myself, I would want the power to heal. I recall wanting to heal the world of all negative feelings, including pain and fear, and now recognize I wanted to heal myself of all those things, too. In my practice, no one will get on my table for a healing session for something I, myself haven't had to work through.

It has taken me many years to have courage to share my story with others, but I realize the importance of letting others know they are not alone. None of us are alone on this journey.

Back in 2004, I transitioned careers from a business analyst at a prestigious college to an intuitive healer. I knew business analyst was not my life's purpose. I decided to search for more.

I flew out to Hawaii to run the Honolulu Marathon. While I was there, I received an acupuncture treatment. I knew at that moment I wanted to pursue a career in energy work. I returned home and began doing research about where to study. I ended up going to massage school. Studying every energy class in which I could enroll, I became certified in Reiki and massage therapy. After practicing massage for many years, I continued to seek other alternative healing practices. I worked with a shaman, and did some soul searching. I realized I needed more work on myself. I have seen many different healers and worked independently. I have certifications in Massage Therapy, Personal Training, Thai Massage, Reiki Master Teacher, Sound Alchemist, and many more. I use a little of everything I have learned, as well as my own gifts, when doing all of my healing sessions.

This journey hasn't always been easy BUT it has been worth every minute. It is because I am worth it. Now it is the time for you to begin your journey.  Are you ready to take the first step toward your full potential?