Nat Couropmitree


We come into the world with our own light and brilliance, whole and who we’re meant to be. And then life throws things at us and we handle them as best we can. As we move through our childhood, we take on personalities, habits and beliefs that tend to dim our light, that distance ourselves from who we really are, and what we really want. These patterns set, and we live within their limits without even realizing it.

My life's work is about helping you to reconnect you with your essence; giving you time and space to experience the state of being in which you are relaxed and aligned with it; and giving you tools to use so you can reconnect with it more and more. When you are connected to your essence, you get to live a life that lights you up, that’s aligned with what you truly want, and through which your creativity flows. You know deeply that who you are is already enough, and that your only job is to fully be that person.

Currently, Taoist Yoga, Energy Alignment Sessions and Coaching are my favorite ways to help you reconnect to your natural essence and live your life in alignment with You.

SubLauren Turner