Take it from our students 

Elements3 yoga has helped me heal through one of the most difficult periods of my life. There is yoga for all fitness levels, making yoga available to everyone! I truly don’t know what I would have done without them.
— Kelly i, From Google

I just love this studio. Just like the other reviews say, there is a very warm, friendly, positive feeling at this studio. There is no emphasis put on level, and everyone is treated very equally.
— Krista B, on Yelp!

Elements is not like any other yoga studio I’ve been to- and I have tried many in the area. I have finally found a yoga studio I can call home!
First and foremost I love the staff. Everyone is wonderful, talented, friendly and encouraging. They are so passionate about what they do and really care about working with you in your practice- keeping you safe and helping you grow to be stronger and more mindful. They also share their experiences, songs, mantras and touch to make each time special...
— Erica F, on Yelp

I’ve never felt so welcomed, comfortable, and confident in my practice (and I’m still a beginner!). I know I’ll leave feeling grounded and connected, and I love that we even get in a few giggles throughout the session! My favorite, and the only place I recommend to others.
— Courtney A, on Facebook

It’s hard to put into words how I feel about Andrew and his business. It’s more than a business. I recently got back into yoga after 6 months off, and after ONE CLASS, my entire mind/body connection and mindset shifted. I never felt resentment from anyone that I hadn’t come in so long, and was welcomed back with open arms. I knew I NEEDED to come back...I belong to lifetime fitness and the classes simply do not compare... its that simple! My body feels more relaxed and stretched and my mind feel free and clear. It’s way more than a yoga class, I know because I have taken yoga EVERYWHERE.
Andrew is one of those individuals, who is so passionate and naturally skilled at his craft, that he has created an amazing business; his talent is so deep and sincere. I don’t want to miss a class because I feel like I will be missing some wisdom that I cannot live without. I feel like I cannot miss a class because my body will be worse off because of it. I love the way the staff puts me into proper positions, and then deepens the pose for me... taking it to a level I didn’t know was possible. He has become a staple in my wellness routine, as has his yoga studio. All of his instructors are top notch. I especially also love Erica’s classes.
HIGHLY recommend!!!!!
— Rachel R, on Facebook

This was my first yoga class since high school and I LOVED it. The atmosphere is friendly and welcoming from the get-go, I felt very comfortable in a new place trying a new activity with all new people. They made me feel like I’d been there before. It also smelled really nice in there! The whole atmosphere is VERY relaxed and “zen,” so much different than other maybe “gym” or health club yogas you might have taken. I took the Taoist Yoga and it was very relaxed yet challenging enough for someone moderately active. I’ll be back!
— Ashley Y, On Facebook


We are so grateful for this community and your kind words. Please let us know how we are doing so we can continue to serve our students in the best possible way.